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Our Italian Team


My name is Davide. Guiding in Venice, a passion becoming a job.
Venice is a city rich in art and history, and exploring it with a native Art Historian can be a truly immersive and enlightening experience.

I’m a venetian borned and raised. I graduated in in Art History in my city and my passion for Venice It has been a truly inspiration for me.

Venice is undoubtedly one of the most unique and enchanting cities on Earth, and having a native art historian as a guide is a privilege for any visitor.

My mission is not only showcase its beauty but also to preserve it for future generations, and a best way to do so is to learn to love it in intimate and understanding way.

When I lead visitors through the labyrinthine streets, over the iconic bridges, and into the magnificent squares, they are not just tourists; they become a part of Venice's ongoing story.

My knowledge and expertise as a licensed tourist guide, combined with my personal connection to the city, must offer an unforgettable and immersive experience.

Giuseppe Mimmo

Hi my name is Giuseppe. I was born in Rome where my father Michele and my mother Elena met when they each had to look for a new life in Rome after the W.W.II. I have lived all my life in Rome and I love to ride my bike along the ancient Roman road and the Abruzzo mountains.
My transportation business has belonged to my family since 1956 and I m a qualified local guide of Rome since 2013 after years of study with archeology and art history associations. Rome is a beautiful city with or without me since the eternity.
Ciao Giuseppe


I became a tour guide because believed it was the best way to combine my passion for travelling, history, nature and teaching.
I love being a guide because I can spend my day showing people my favourite places. Also, after a day with my guests I have the feeling I have travelled myself to their coutries of origin: I love how we all share our experiences and points of view.
My favourite place in Sicily? Simply my home: Mondello.


Hi! My name is Marco and I have been working as a Tourist Guide for over twenty years.
I am regularly qualified as Official Italian Tour Guide and within the perimeter of this extraordinarily area I have the privilege of operating with my guided tour services.
I graduated from the University of Siena in Political Science with a PHD in local history and then became increasingly passionate about tourism in all its forms and in particular the art, history, gastronomy, traditions and crafts of Tuscany.
My ``Audience`` is extremely varied: families with children, students, occasional travelers, groups with specific cultural purposes, visitors with disabilities and specific needs. For the latter user, I obtained a special certificate of specialization.
Guided tours can be held indifferently in Italian, English or French.
My strengths? I really think I am animated by a great ``love`` for the job I am lucky to do. Disseminating, explaining, entertaining and even amusing my ``interlocutors``, constitute for me a great joy that, day after day, revitalizes and even rejuvenates the enthusiasm that supports me. Interacting and living 360-degree visiting experiences with visitors from all over the world has even allowed me to start established friendships with many people and this aspect greatly cheers my professional and life experience.
Oh I forgot: I have been playing blues harmonica for over 30 years on a professional and amateur level. I count an interrupted musical activity at Clubs both in Italy and abroad as well as participation in important Blues Festivals. I always carry the harmonica in my pocket and, if you like it, during your guided tour, I can pleasantly entertain my audience with my country-blues notes.


With a background in international relations, Matteo is a licensed tour guide within the context of the Piedmont region, where he was born and raised, focused on both history walks as well as food and wine experience.
Especially in the UNESCO protected wine land of Piemonte.